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Helps to Improve Memory and Concentration

Vyas Brahmi Churna - Product Information

Details of Vyas Brahmi Churna :

     Brahma Churna ( Nagakeshar - Charaka Samhita / Chikitsa Sthan.1 ) is a paste consisting of herbs and fruits. It is a top cerebral tonic, which strengthens memory and gives energy. It is extremely helpful to those who do intensive mental work. Brahma Churna combines the immunity supporting and antioxidant herbs used in the mind for increased action on mental faculties such as memory and intelligence. It provides excellent protection year round, gently detoxifies and promotes healthy cellular regeneration throughout the body. 

Brahma Churna is beneficial for promoting mental clarity, improved memory and cognition whilst improving resilience to mentally demanding lifestyles.

Additinoal Information For Vyas Brahmi Churna

Ingredients of Brahma Churna :

  • Terminalia chebula ( Pathya )
  • Phyllanthus emblica ( Dhatri )
  • Cinnamomum zeylanicum ( Twak )
  • Elettaria cardamomum ( Ela )
  • Cyperus rotundus ( Musta )
  • Curcuma longa ( Rajani ) 
  • Piper longum ( Pippali )
  • Aquilaria agallocha ( Agaru )
  • Santalum album ( Chandana )
  • Centella asiatica ( Mandukaparni )
  • Atropa belladona ( Kanaka )
  • Convolvulus pluricaulis ( Shankhpushpi )
  • Acorus calamus ( Vacha )
  • Cyperus scariosus ( Plava )
  • Glycyrrhiza glabra ( Yashtyahwa )
  • Embelia ribes ( Vidanga )
  • Ghee ( Sarpi )
  • Sesamum oil ( Taila )
  • Milk ( Kshaudra )
  • Sugar candy ( Sitopala )
  • Desmodium gangeticum ( Shalaparni )
  • Uraria picta ( Prishnaparni )
  • Solanum indicum ( Brihati )
  • Solanum xanthocarpum ( Kantakari )
  • Tribulus terrestris ( Gokshura )
  • Aegle bruhat ( Bilva )
  • Clerodendron premnoses ( Agnimantha )
  • Oroxylum indicum ( Shyonaka )
  • Gmelina arborea ( Gambhari )
  • Pterospermum suaveolens ( Patala )
  • Sida cordifolia ( Bala )
  • Boerhavia diffusa ( Punarnava )
  • Ricinus communis ( Erandamula )
  • Phaseolus trilobus ( Mudgaparni )
  • Teramnus labialis ( Mashaparni )
  • Asparagus racemosus ( Shatavari )
  • Tinospora cordifolia ( Geevaka )
  • Leptademia reticulata ( Jivanthi )
  • Withania somnifera ( Medha )
  • Bambusa arundanacia ( Rishabhaka )
  • Imperata cylindrica ( Darba )
  • Saccharum spontaneum ( Kshara )
  • Oryza sativum ( Kshalimula )
  • Saccharum officinalis ( Ikshumula )

Indications of Brahma Churna :

  • Nervous weakness
  • Loss of memory
  • Insomnia
  • Mental exhaustion
  • High blood - pressure
  • Headache
  • Lung diseases
  • Deficiency conditions

Benefits of Brahma Churna :

  • This multi - herbal paste is an Ayurvedic Churna or powerful rejuvenating tonic for the brain, mental functions and the nervous system. It increases mental calmness and helps to improve intellect. It also improves nervine functions throughout the body by harmonizing Vata Dosha. Its unique blend of herbs helps improving focus and concentration. By providing calmness and serenity, it works wonders in many cognitive and psychological problems, such as memory loss, anxiety and depression.
  • This unique herbal blend with divine powers is considered Amrit, or nectar among the Yogis and Rishis. It contains numerous other Ayurvedic herbs, making it truly fantastic mental tonic.
  • This herbal recipe has been prescribed by Lord Brahma. Sages have taken this recipe and attained immense longevity, they were free from ageing effects of the body and became youthful, and they were free from diseases and fear and were endowed with intellect, memory and strength. This therapy has spiritual value and should be taken by a person who desires longevity. So when one takes it he becomes free from diseases and gains longevity and vigor. It rejuvenates the body and fights against tiredness, fatigue, stress, early grey hairs, wrinkling ( Skin rejuvenation and hair rejuvenation ). It is the best anti aging formula. It also improves intelligence, memory and immune power.  It is a good natural rejuvenating anti aging formula. His body becomes compact like steel.
  • Haritaki is a Churna for the mind and nervous system. Through its sharp quality, Haritaki strengthens the nervous system, bringing sharpness and clarity to mind, and acts as a carrier for the numerous phytochemicals provided by the other herbal ingredients of this formula.  Its sharp quality helps removing mental fog caused by excess Kapha. Haritaki brings about vitality to the mind through its capacity to penetrate and spread through the nervous system.
  • Besides Haritaki, the various other ingredients all carry their importance of their own.
  • Amalaki acts as Churna and is one of the best anti-oxidants known. While providing anti-aging effect, it also improves the functioning of sensory organs.
  • Shankhapushpi and Vacha – Excellent memory enhancer, improves speaking capability.Shankapushpi is a calming brain tonic and balances the three Doshas.
  • Dashmula is a special combination of 10 roots, selected specially for their grounding effect and capacity to balance Vata Dosha, which governs the functioning of the nervous system.
  • Pippali is a brain tonic strengthening the Tejas, mental fire and it brings about clarity and mental strength, removing the weakness of brain, and it heals Vata related mental disorders.
  • Cardamom removes weakness by strengthening mental stamina through increasing Agni, the digestive fire. It also contributes to the taste of this formula, providing sense of freshness.
  • Cinnamon helps to remove neural debilities and is a very good appetizer and digestive, while bringing its pleasing warm aroma to this formulation.
  • This paste contains also Guduchi, an immunomodulator is one of the most important herbs of Ayurveda, as it has the capacity to balance all bodily tissues as well as to build up Ojas.
  • Shatavari acts as a brain tonic providing energy for the brain and nerves, while balancing Vata and Pitta Doshas. It is good for male and female reproductory systems and for gastric complaints.
  • Haridra reduces exess Kapha and calms the nervous system through its mildly analgesic properties.Haridra – highly recommended anti allergic agent. Good for skin, lungs and fights against cancer.
  • Punarnava is added for its excellent function as a general Churna, working in pair with Gokshura, which in turn is a Vata pacifier and used in neural debility, and in many Vata disorders.
  • Musta is excellent brain and nervine tonic, and helps to prevent mental disorders and convulsions.
  • Ushir gives strength to the nerves and brain, provides healing in brain disorders, as well as by reducing excess space element from the brain, helping the individual not to feel “ spaced out ”, and be more grounded.
  • Vidanga, again considered as one of the best Churnas, is very good nervine tonic. Vidanga – fights against toxins and micro organisms bacteria
  • Bala – improves overall strength.
  • Jatiphal through its aromatic qualities gives depth to the taste of this formula while acting as a tonic for mental disorders, preventing convulsions while being also a good Vata pacifier.
  • Nagakesar functions as a brain tonic and helping in brain debility. It also prevents as well as heals from schizophrenia.
  • Mandukparni, also known as Jala Brahmi, is considered perhaps as the best and most respected Medhya Churna ( mental tonic ) herbs, is an excellent memory enhancer, helps to prevent brain weakness and cure mental disorders.
  • Through this fantastic and truly unique but very balanced combination of herbs for the mind, brain and nervous system, this ancient formula has earned its praise and reverence as one of the most astonishing examples of the deep knowledge of the ancient Rishis ( Seers ) of India for the benefit of human kind.
  • Along with these, Brahma Churna also contains Bimbi ( coccinea indica – fights against fever ), Jivanti ( Holostemma annulare – a rejuvenator ), yashtimadhu ( Glycyrrhiza glabra ) etc. herbs.
  • These herbs bring act synergistically on the body to bring about overall rejuvenation benefits.

Dosage of Brahma Churna :
     1 teaspoonful ( 5 g ) with warm milk twice a day or as directed by the Physician.

Side effects of Brahma Churna :

  • There are no known side effects with this medicine.
  • It is best avoided in diabetic patients.
  • Consult your doctor for its administration during pregnancy.
  • It can be given to lactating mother and to children in lower doses of 5 grams per day.
  • Store in a cool dry place, keep out of reach and sight of children.

Brief details about Vyas Pharma Company / Brand

At Vyas Pharmaceuticals the guiding principle has always been to spread the message " Ayurveda Amrit Hai Ise Apnaie".

Thus in 1993  Vyas Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated .The enterprise family members would personally prepare the ancient medicinal recipes with their own hands with a sense of pride and honour. With the advent of Industrialisation, these operations gave way to mechanisation and today the Vyas Pharmaceuticals boasts of state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. 

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